Let us help you get into the car of your dreams!  Not only do we offer Premium Cars at less than premium prices, we can get you financed today!

  • We can help with all of your financing needs.

    • Prime credit? Of course, no problem.

    • Subprime and Secondary? Sure! We have lenders that will help with all sorts of challenging credit scenarios.

    • First Time Buyers? Absolutely. As long as the job time is good and the LTV is 90% or better, we just may have a way to go.

    • First Time Buyers with Derogatory Credit? For sure! We look at job time, LTV, and collateral choice…just make sure the job time is greater than six months, gross income is at least $2,000/month, and vehicle is 10 years or newer and less than 125,000 miles.

    • Bankruptcy? You bet. We will look at Open Ch-13 and Open Ch-7 Bks. There are some restrictions but give us a shot. You may be able to get into that car today!